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Technology Labs Are Here!

Whiz Kids brings the computer and technology lab to your school or daycare!

Our program is designed to help alleviate the cost that your school would incur by maintaining your own technology lab. We teach children throughout the Southeast.

We have an outstanding educational technology program for children ranging from 2½ years of age and up. Our curriculum runs from August - May, twice a month and we bring the computer lab and all materials to your preschool or daycare. We keep our classes are small so each child can get an individualized experience. We also offer convenient scheduling, provide all marketing materials and open-house presentations are available upon request.

We have been teaching children fundamental computer technology at many of the preschools and daycares in the area for over 14 years. We have excellent teachers that are registered and cleared through the ABI/FBI and FDLE, according to the guidelines set forth by the state.

Since children are expected to begin Kindergarten with computer skills, we have found that our program proves to prepare these preschoolers for the step to begin computer class on the next level by using age-appropriate software with a progressive curriculum that allows for real hands-on experience with new technology. Click here to see our upcoming curriculum.

  • Basic computer skills
  • Components of the computer
  • Introduction to keyboarding
  • Introduction to touch technology through the use of iPads
  • Using iPens to improve writing skills
  • Introduction to robotics and programming using Bee-Bots

**** Click Here To View A Pacing Guide Overview for Second Grade From The Baldwin County Board of Education*