Our Curriculum

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Overview of Our Curriculum by the Semester

Our program is based upon a 9 month curriculum; keeping in line with the standard private/public county school calendar, each month building upon the previous information taught. All of the software that we use to teach computer skills is geared towards reinforcing the material needed to proceed into the student's next level. Any time you would like to sit in on one of our classes, please just let us know.

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 Fall Semester

  • Components of the computer and recognizing them by name (e.g., cpu, keyboard, mouse, etc.)
  • Phonics, Letter/Number Recognition, Counting, Matching, Sorting, Shapes, etc.
  • Introduction to basic computer skills and awareness.
  • Individual assessment of each student's capabilities.
  • Rules of using the computer and handling computer accessories.
  • How to insert a compact disk correctly.
  • Following Directions/Keyboarding
  • Introduction to the iPad and Touch Technology

 Spring Semester

***We will continue to review the information learned from the fall semester while adding new forms of computer technology and techniques.

  • Touch Technology
  • Computer Programming
  • Money Denomination Recognition and Counting
  • Identification By Proper Name of our Computer Hardware.
  • iPens    /    iPads    /     Laptops    /    Bee Bots
  • Writing Student Name With the iPen
  • Time/Clock Recognition and Memorization
  • Indentifying Patterns / Rhyming Words
  • Sequencing / Creative Thinking / Logic / Problem Solving