Summer Camp

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 Technology Summer Camp Will Begin in June! 

** Introducing our "Laptop Tech Lab" **

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Join us this year for our Whiz Kids Technology Summer Camp. Your child will be building upon age-appropriate skills, such as Mathematics, Reading and Phonics while exploring new technology through the use of Laptops, Robotics, and Touch Technology.


In our "Laptop Tech Lab", each student will have his or her own individual laptop pc to work with. With the laptop, they will be learning how to work with programs and applications loaded from a CD, as well as running applications from the local hard drive.


The Programmable Robots (a.k.a. "Bee Bots") that we use are not only a are great tool to assist with the education of money denomination, shapes, multiplication, division, phonics, time recognition, and fractions, but also give us a fun way to introduce your children to the world of robotics and computer programming.


iPads & Touch Technology

We will use touch technology devices such as iPads to enahance the learning experience of some of your child's fundamental skills like writing and math skills, phonics, shapes, sequencing, sorting and matching, memory awareness and more.